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Kangra Green Tea New Year offers 2020

Kangra Green Tea New Year offers 2020

KP Organics is a startup, working  in the  field of Teas. We made perfect blend from Kangra Teas.  We are making  Quality products, lab assisted & blended  with scientific formulas. Our products  developed  in association with CSIR(Council of Scientific & Industrial Research- IHBT Palampur). We are committed for Quality product range. We provide 100% Quality Assurance of  our products. Our continues research  leads us to the success. Kindly feel free to contact us for any query or other  information  related to the products.

KP Organics Kangra Fresh presenting great offers to the customers ie, BUY 2 GET 1 FREE . KP Organics is a startup incubated  with CSIR-IHBT under CM Startup scheme. 
Enjoy a cup of Kangra Green Tea with Kangra Fresh  in some special offers Buy 2 Get 1 Free. 

We would like to introduce ourselves as a company with an experience  of 3 years in manufacturing of all kinds of Teas Product and Packet Teas Like Green Tea , CTC Teas & Orthodox Black Teas . We have Rich Garden more  than 160 years old.

We are known for best Quality products & services.  Our production is based on good quality  material s and good packaging & processing systems.

INFRASTRUCTURE - Superb process control

We have  infrastructure equipped with advanced production facilities,  we are capable for bulk production to meet the ever-growing demands of the our clients . Our production unit is located near  baijnath.

Besides the production unit, we also have facilities for quality testing, product storage and packaging. All our production process are Supported by the latest technology based systems that enable maximum Efficiency and utmost  interdepartmental coordination.

QUALITY - A commitment

Our phenomenal growth is pillared by superior quality products, cost effectiveness and customer oriented services. Our reputation as a Trustworthy supplier in the  market comes from our hard work and Stringent quality control norms.

Our Products

We have the best products of Green Teas, Orthodox & CTC teas.
Green Tea A perfect blend with high leafy aroma contains antioxidants beneficial for weight loss, cholesterol control and other ailments.
Masala Green Tea is a flavored tea made by brewing green tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Originating in the Indian subcontinent, the beverage has gained worldwide popularity, becoming a feature in many coffee and tea house.
Lemon Tea is a flavored tea made by  Green tea with Lemon Grass. Contains antioxidants beneficial for weight loss.
Herbal  Tea is a flavored tea made by  Green tea with Dry Tulsi, Mint & stevia. Contains antioxidants beneficial for health.


Our CTC Tea

We have master blenders of CTC tea having vast experience in blend tea. Specially we blend the Kangra Orthodox with CTC tea. It has good aroma & good to taste. We have best quality in Premium Grade & Gold one. Our Premium Tea is a mix combination of Kangra Orthodox & CTC of Assam. 

Our Dip Sachet Tea

We have a prefect flavors of Green Tea Packed in Dip Sachet.
 Lemon Green Tea Specially we have the Kangra Green Tea with lemon flavors packed with airtight tea bags.  It has good aroma & best to taste.
Tulsi Green Tea Specially we have the Kangra Green Tea with Tulsi flavors packed with airtight tea bags.  It has good aroma & best to taste

Focus on What We  Do Best

We are especially promoting Kangra Tea as a Quality Product. Our aim is to bring the company & product   Kangra Tea again in the map of World.

Our Offerings

We are manufacturer of Organics Products. Quality Products with customer oriented prices. Best Customer Relationship & wide Marketing Assistance for our distributers. 100% Replacement on Damages/expiry. Health based products Customer oriented Products best for health.

Looking for Distributorship!!!

If you looking for distributorship ? there is a great chance to get the best offers for our products distribution in your area. Feel free to write us at and contact us on our official numbers.

Contact Us
CONTACT US:  9857999888
Visit us on the Web:


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